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Deadly Illusions movie download It is difficult to decide what kind of cheese “deadly illusions”, a deviant thriller starring Kristin Davis and Dermot Mulroney Streaming in Netflix, is exactly. Soft and fluffy, from the look. Which one raises the question, when is your intentional possibility and when is clumsy? From the sequence of thrust titles of the film, with music with constant fracture, at its final mocking scene, the film seems winning in the genre, but at what purpose? Think too hard with that and “deadly illusions”, written and directed by Anna Elizabeth James, can even be dirty. What are you saying about the class? About the trauma? On how women, characters, but also to the director, look?

But why problems for our beautiful heads with those dials when we could sit deeply on the sofa and the giggle in the story of Mary Morrison, her family almost perfect and the person and innocent (or is she?) Nanny hired to watch Nanny In Mary and the husband, the young people of Tom Tom, while Mary is immersed in his final novel in a more sold series. More than the variety

Mary writes books with titles like the one that this film boasts: threatening but vague. When the film is opened, she retired to her beautiful compound of a house: all the specific, modern lines and doors and windows of glass of floor to ceiling, to be a mother of stay at home. Davis brings a kind of nervous energy to Mary. It is not fair, but precisely, to think about her as she of her character of her “sex and the city” of her, Charlotte, with a smartest and gravitous pinch.

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