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Batman: Death in the Family free download Ten years after Jason Todd got up from the heroes and villains alike grave and threatened in the animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood, cast and crew have gathered for the prequel, Batman: Death in the Family. The adaptation of the story of the classic comic Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo, the latest DC animated film provides the audience with an interactive experience as they are given the opportunity to make decisions divergent history at crucial points of the film, leading to drastically different paths for the characters.

In an exclusive interview with Brandon Vietti – who wrote, directed, and produced death in the family and helmed 2010’s under the red surface – the director discussed returning to the world he helped create, the thrill of making an interactive experience and the joys of working in the DC Universe.

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It has been a decade from under the red hood and here we are with death in the family. How has it been to be able to go back and these characters and the world of this film?

Brandon Vietti: It was great and a privilege because I honestly never thought this opportunity would happen. We made the movie a long time ago, but it is such a unique world – is familiar, but unique – and did very well the passage of time, and remains a project I hear a lot [about]. People like you really. Judd Winick’s story really resonated with people; the people just loved the movie. This does not happen very often, revisiting a complete project and get to re-enter it and find new stories with him. And what an amazing and unique way to return to it with our interactive storytelling.

What is the story Batman: Death in the Family?

It was that interactive aspect always in the DNA when this adaptation is devised?

Vietti: Yes, that conversation occurred first. I had been interested in doing some interactive storytelling for a while, and I talked to my bosses to respect. I think it’s just a little in the air as technology has evolved and measures have been taken with interactive stories, which I think are very different from video games; interactive storytelling is its own thing. However, transmission services and applications on phones have taken steps in that direction, and some gaming systems as well. He was very interested in it. He had been in my mind and, I think, in my patterns Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros Home Video.

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Batman: Death in the Family
Batman: Death in the Family
Batman: Death in the Family
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